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PDE Educational Certification Webinar


What does the new PDE Educational Specialist Certification in SLP mean for you?

There are now two pathways for speech-language pathologists in Pennsylvania to obtain certification to work in schools. In addition to the Teacher Certification - Speech and Language Impaired PK - 12, PDE has added the Educational Specialist Certification - Speech and Language Pathologist PK - 12. 

These two certification types are similar in many ways but do have significant differences. Two major differences are that the new certification provides recognition of the fundamental differences between the professions of speech-language pathology and teaching, and an avenue for professionally licensed Pennsylvania speech-language pathologists to become certified to work in the schools.


PDE Webinar for obtaining the Educational Specialist upon gradutation.

This webinar was geared to higher education SLP preparation program administrators to address the process for students to be eligible to apply for both the teacher (Instructional 1) and educational specialist in SLP certificates; explain the differences between the two certificates; and explain the program requirements.

Click here for the webinar handout.

Due to a technical problem, a recorded version of this webinar is not available.


PDE Webinar for Currenlty Licensed SLPS
The following webinar is geared to currently licensed SLPs who want to obtain the educational specialist in SLP certification and will provide an introduction to TIMS and explain the "nuts & bolts" of the process to get certified.

Click on the graphic above, to watch the webinar.

Click here for the handouts.

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